’’The Region of Dumont was on the edge of a spear. The Fourth Wars had been over for twenty years, and to many, the wounds that were made were still very fresh. Rokugan had rebuilt it’s country quickly, using magic and hard work. Their neighbors to the north, the Darigns, however, had recovered slowly, and because of the war had banned almost all magic…’‘ – Jorvan the Bard

Dumont is a DND 3.5 Campaign that makes use of multiple reference sources, including but not limited to the Big Three, Complete Arcane, Complete Magic, Complete Warrior, Oriental Adventures, Complete Divine, Heroes of Horror, and DungeonScape.

Many of the countries of Dumont share a very shaky alliance, including Rokugan, Thay, Darigns, Glistul, and Neross. Although Neross is usually despised by the other governments, an uneasy treaty was passed due to Neross military power.