Neross is a dark place. The very earth of it is tainted gray with negative energy. Sunlight is almost non-existent. It is a land of the dead.

Neross is the smallest landwise of all the kingdoms in Dumont. However, they have a startling military power.

Because, the citizens of Neross are all undead.

Necropolitans, Vampires, Wights, Mummies, Liches, Zombies; Neross caters to them all. Many believe the chief reason their are such a startling number of undead, is the fact the there are perceptible rifts between the Material Plane and the Plane of Negative Energy. The very ground itself is tainted with the fell power.

Of the two major cities in Neross, Nocturn is by far the more civil. Nocturn is home to the Necropolitans, a race of undead that have chosen to become as they are. Necropolitans in and of themselves are not evil, they are simply undead. This has caused many problems in the past, when the other races have discovered them and mistaken them for Wights or Vampires. However, Necropolitans, generally are benevolent, or at the very least, neutral. They are highly intelligent as a whole, and Nocturn is welcome to outsiders, not that they get many visitors.

On the other hand, The Necropolis; which oddly enough houses almost no Necropolitans, is a gravely dangerous place. Ruled by Liches and Vampires of the most extreme power, The Necropolis is a place of nightmares. The bloodthirsty undead who live in this place farm other races for food. And in fact, when Darius convinced them to help Thay in the Fourth Wars a large part of the agreement was that any non-human prisoners that were captured be sent to Neross for food.


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