The Kingdom of Rokugan is a very peaceful place when compared to the rest of Dumont. Lush flowing fields of green and a simple lifestyle lend an almost zen-like quality to the entire land. Although every kingdom has its own problems, Rokugan’s governmental body tends to solve them in the kindest ways. Freedom is of the utmost importance in Rokugan, and although there is a social hierarchy of a sort, status among the elite is gained through hard work, determination, and cleverness, not to whom you were born.

The people of Rokugan take great pride in their work, and have some of the Dumont’s finest craftsmen. Great care is taken in every facet of life, and art, literature, family, and culture are all equally important.

Financially speaking, the Kingdom of Rokugan is very wealthy. This is due largely for their prized craftsmanship in areas such as metalworking, and stonecutting. People come from every kingdom to trade with Rokugan, or at least have things made there.

Citizens of Rokugan enjoy many personal freedoms, including the freedom of their own thoughts. Unlike the Kingdom of Darsign, Divination magic is prohibited in Rokugan and their are many protections against it. The people of Rokugan can sleep easily at night, safe in the knowledge that no one can see their dreams.

The mages of Rokugan, although not as magically powerful as those of Thay, are very clever. Proof of this comes in the form of the Potion Tiles that have been created there. Potion Tiles, are a new form of potion that is no longer a liquid form, but one made of a hard clay that the user must break in the hand to activate. A huge improvement over old potion making techniques, the Potion Tiles can’t be spilled or have their glass containers broken.


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