The centermost kingdom in Dumont, Thay is a very powerfully magic land. The great wizards of Thay use the arcane energy inherent in the very ground itself as their power source, and almost all the people that are born their have at least some magical aptitude.

The most powerful wizards in Thay practice what is known as ‘Circle Magic’, a powerful ritual that imbibes the users with awesome power. Essentially, one wizard stands in the middle of a circle of other spellcasters, and while the center is concentrating the others push arcane energy into him or her like a fountain. The process is very painful and only the most practiced wizards can be the center of circle magic, however the results can be devastatingly effective.

Thay is by economic means fairly poor. Because of this fact, their military is lacking in power. In fact one of the chief reasons they aligned themselves with Neross is to gain military might during the Fourth Wars.

Thay is a very heavily agricultural kingdom and relies on its crops for almost all of its means. They do not like to import of export anything if they can help it, seeing other kingdoms as weak and dependant for doing so, something that Thay despises.

The populace of Thay is 99% Human, largely due to the results of King Darius’ exploits before and during the Fourth Wars. Anyone who is not Human is shunned, or at the very least, treated as second class citizens.


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